Elxis 4.5 Typhon rev1909
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Version check

You are about to install Elxis CMS. The exact version of the Elxis copy you are about to install is shown below. Please make sure this is the latest Elxis version released on elxis.org.

Elxis 4.5 Typhon
Status: Stable
Revision number: 1909
Release date: 2017-02-02 18:35:00 GMT
Copyright (c) 2006-2017 Elxis Team (elxis.org). All rights reserved.

Before you begin

Before you proceed further please read carefully the following.


Create an empty database which will be used by Elxis to store your data in. We strongly recommend to use a MySQL database. Although Elxis has backend support for other database types such as PostgreSQL and SQLite 3 it is well tested only with MySQL. To create an empty MySQL database do so from your hosting control panel (CPanel, Plesk, ISP Config, etc) or from phpMyAdmin or other database management tools. Just provide a name for your database and create it. After that, create a database user and assign him to your newly created database. Make a note of the database name, the username and the password; you will need them later during install.


Elxis uses a special folder to store cached pages, log files, sessions, backups and more. By default this folder is named repository and it is placed inside the Elxis root folder. This folder must be writeable! We strongly reccomend to rename this folder and move it in a place not reachable from the web. After this move if you have enabled open basedir protection in PHP you might also need to include the repository path into the allowed paths.

/sample/path/to/site/public_html/ Sample Elxis path
/sample/path/to/site/public_html/repository/ Default repository path
/sample/path/to/site/secret_repo/ Recommended repository path

Repository is in its default location!